A great magician will have genuine impact on your guests.

Imagine merely thinking of something and having a magician work out what it is. Now imagine that happening whilst you are sitting in your own home. During the last 12 months, people have been searching for the best ways to entertain guests over video conference calls, and many things are effective, but few as impactful as a virtual magic show. Magic creates a lasting effect that will not only pass the time, but have people wishing it wouldn’t end!

Magic is one of the few art forms that works just as well over the internet

Very few of us magicians could have guessed how well Magic would work online. In fact, people have asked me for years if I could give a demonstration over Skype, which I always turned down fearing it would be less impressive than in person. Well it turns out I was wrong – incredibly wrong! Virtual Magic has absolutely exploded onto the scene in 2020, and not only does it work brilliantly, but the art form is quickly developing and becoming something new and exciting altogether. Book a Magician and experience it for yourself today!

Close up Magic but for a large audience

Magic is usually performed either close up or on stage, the former being for small groups at a time and the latter for hundreds or even thousands. Both of these mediums are fantastic ways to enjoy a magician, but require different kinds of tricks and presentations for either one. Things that are amazing close up, fail to reach mass audiences, and stage effects are simply too big or complicated to perform close up. Now for the first time, close up magic effects can be enjoyed by hundreds or thousands of people at once, with everyone able to occupy a front row seat! Never before has live, quality magic been so accessible to everyone.

Highly engaging

Magic isn’t just a great way to pass the time. People genuinely love it, and in my personal experience most people. As long as the magician is good, likeable and engaging, then you are in for a treat. Lately everyone has been spending so much time on video conference calls and it is a challenge to give them something they haven’t seen before and will actually hold their attention. Magic has been proven to improve engagement and especially with a mindreader who gets everyone involved! You can find out some reasons why I do Magic here.

Appeals to all ages and backgrounds

No matter what age your audience are, magic appeals to such a wide range of people. Everyone loves music, but hire Metallica for a Bar Mitzvah and you are likely to divide the room. Also you shouldn’t be spending that much on a party. But magic is able to cross age borders, culture differences and even differences in taste. This is great news when you have so many different individuals to entertain and are struggling to find something that will suit everyone. Zoom Magician Neb’s show is suitable for ages 8 – 100, the perfect way to treat those you love!

Creates a memorable event

If you are looking for something that will have impact, emotion, and most importantly create a lasting memory for in everyones minds, then magic is your answer. People talk about what they saw a magician do for years to come, and they will always remember where and when it happened. Showing someone something that seems impossible is hard to forget. Booking a Zoom Magician will guarantee that! Magic is a great way to break the ice and give everybody a common talking point. People quickly forget whatever was on their mind and really get caught up in the moment, the ideal reaction when you are looking to thoroughly entertain them.

Who are my favourite Magicians?