What is it like to be a Magician Living in London?

I have been in London now for 4 years, having moved from Scotland in January 2011.

It truly is a wonderful city made so by its incredible people.

I made my living prior to this playing indie rock music in a band called Playtone with 3 of my best friends in Scotland and this in itself was an incredible adventure and a highly treasured experience.


When I first arrived here it was neither to pursue music or magic, but more to follow my instincts and interests and discover for myself what was next for me in life.

Becoming a full time Magician and Mind Reader was as much a surprise to me as it was to all the people who had followed my band for 9 years! I had been learning Magic/Mentalism in my spare time since high school but Music had always been my main thing.

People often ask how you end up doing a job like Musician/Magician/Dancer etc and I think it often comes down to a certain self belief (confidence/arrogance/stubbornness) where you just think thats what I’m going to do and of course it will work!

Of course you then have to also make it work 🙂

Self belief on its own without committed energy and flexibility will usually lead nowhere but it is required in order to consistently take action and not lose motivation on the way to creating new things for yourself in life.

When I moved to London I began performing both music and magic and in a very short time the magic naturally just took over.

Neb Elevator

There are distinct benefits and perks to working as a magician and in particular a psychological magician. One of them is that everybody wants to know everything about what you do, how it works, where you do it, how you got started, and so on.

The drawback to this of course is that you can get very used to talking about yourself a lot and whilst its always nice to receive some attention, you really don’t want to become THAT guy!

But the most beautiful part of working as a close up entertainer is that you get to meet thousands and thousands of people every year and whilst of course you don’t become best friends with all of them, with each and every person that you meet comes an opportunity to get to know someone a little better and feel closer to fellow human beings in general.

In a city like London full of the most interesting people from every country in the world this is a great advantage and being exposed to people, cultures and ideas previously foreign to me is one of my favourite aspects of what I do.