I can categorically say I’ve NEVER met or seen anyone with the skills Neb has!

Holly Whittaker

The unanimous verdict was that you were amazing – the best magician anyone had ever seen!

Jane Bell

“Engaging, charming and personable and extremely professional… he is the real deal!”

Holly Follet


Welcome to the world of Neb, the renowned magician and mindreader who brings awe-inspiring performances to the city of Manchester and beyond! With his exceptional skills, Neb has captivated audiences worldwide with his mesmerizing acts, leaving them spellbound and amazed. Whether it’s a party, corporate event, wedding, or any other special occasion, Neb’s performances are guaranteed to add a touch of magic to your event like never before!

Magician Manchester – Neb is a name that has become synonymous with breathtaking magic and mindreading. His performances are not just about tricks, but a theatrical experience that transports you to a world of wonder and amazement. With his unique blend of mystifying illusions, mind-bending mentalism, and engaging showmanship, Neb creates an unforgettable experience that will leave you and your guests talking about it for years to come.

Magician Manchester
Magician Manchester
Magician Manchester
Magician Manchester

If you’re looking for a truly extraordinary entertainment option for your event in Manchester, Neb is the magician to consider. With his extensive experience and unmatched talent, Neb has honed his craft to perfection, earning him a reputation as one of the finest magicians in the industry. His performances are polished, professional, and tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of each event, making him the perfect choice for any occasion.

One of the reasons why Neb is a sought-after magician in Manchester is his versatility. He has a wide repertoire of performances that can be customized to suit different events and audiences. From close-up magic to stage shows, Neb can adapt his acts to any setting, be it an intimate gathering or a grand corporate event. His interactive style of magic and mindreading engages the audience, making them an integral part of the performance and creating an immersive experience that will leave them in awe.


Dua Lipa

“You are Amazing!”

Joanna Lumley

Neb was AMAZING! He blew peoples minds, was fun and interactive.

Craig Sharland

“Oh My God! You are good, you are REALLY good!”

Davina McCall


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Close up Magician Manchester

Neb’s performances are not just about the tricks and illusions, but also about the experience he creates for his audience. His dynamic stage presence, engaging personality, and witty sense of humor make him a captivating performer who can command the attention of any audience.

Magician Manchester

Corporate Magician Manchester

His performances are filled with surprises, suspense, and moments of sheer astonishment, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Whether he is performing on stage or mingling with guests during a close-up magic session, Neb’s performances are always unforgettable and leave a lasting impression.

Magician Manchester

Five Reasons to book Manchester Magician Neb.

There are many things to consider when hiring a magician and its important to find someone who suits the type of event you are hosting…

Magician Manchester
Magician Manchester

Party Magician Manchester

Manchester Magician Neb performs in Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan and the cities of Manchester and Salford.

“Oh my God you are good…You are REALLY good!”

Davina McCall

“Surpassed ALL expectations!”

Michelle James

“Life affirming!”

Sir Ben Kingsley

“Never seen anything like it in my life!”

Helen Worth (Coronation Street)

“Now THAT was good!”

Sir Paul McCartney


“Wow – Amazing! Totally enthralling. Neb has to been seen to be believed!”

Gill Gill

“Professional, engaging, funny. A clear hit!”

Jonathan Mills

“Really freaked everyone out and worth every penny…. loved it!”

Paul Taylor

Incredible Manchester Magician

Neb’s performances are not just limited to parties or weddings. He is also a popular choice for corporate events in Manchester. Whether it’s a product launch, conference, trade show, or any other corporate function, Neb’s magic and mind-reading acts add a touch of excitement and intrigue to the event. His ability to customize his performances to incorporate corporate messaging or branding makes him an ideal choice for corporate clients who want to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests. Neb is also a proud member of The Magic Circle.

His exceptional skill in mindreading sets Neb apart from other magicians in Manchester. With his uncanny ability to delve into the minds of his audience, Neb can reveal their thoughts, predict their actions, and leave them baffled with his mind-bending feats. Manchester Magician Neb mind-reading performances are about reading minds and creating a deep connection with the audience, making them feel like they are a part of something extraordinary.

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