Five Reasons why Neb will make your event a truly stunning success!

People tend to remember two things about the events they attend; the food and the entertainment! It is therefore important that you provide quality in both areas!

Below are just a few reasons why you can be confident that Neb will provide a first class experience that will win over even the most reluctant of guests!

171915_10151066506817091_1052947297_oMusical Mindreading!
Having also worked as a musician for many years, Neb can ask your guests to think of any song, read their mind, and sing the song to them on guitar! This is something which has never been done before and you won’t find at any other party or event! (This is a no extra cost feature but must be requested in advance so Neb can bring his guitar!)

Have one of your guests performing Amazing magic!
For no extra cost, Neb will take a member of your party (or you) and teach them some genuinely impressive magic! If they wish he can then take them around to perform for people and they will receive lots of positive attention and fun!

Free Demonstrationcoffee-happy-face
Your event is important and you want to be sure that you have booked the right entertainment. For this reason, Neb will be happy to meet you for a coffee in Central London, prior to any booking – to demonstrate his amazing skills and show you what you are getting for your money! If you decide to go ahead and book him you will then have the confidence of knowing you have made the right choice.

You will see things usually only seen on television!
Whilst with so many magicians you see the same old tricks, Neb will show you things that you usually only see on television! Or that simply haven’t been done before.

Relaxed and friendly style
The challenge with any magician is to fool people without insulting their intelligence and to make them laugh without picking on anyone. Neb is a very friendly and down to earth character who enjoys people as much as he enjoys magic. He will stun and thrill your guests and leave them with a positive and uplifting feeling which will spread through your event.

Get in touch to hire Neb at your event now!