Choosing a London Magician


Most people have never hired a Magician. In fact even I have never hired a magician despite being hired as one on a weekly basis for almost 5 years now!

To help you decide who to choose for your event I have compiled a list of things to consider.

  1. Make contact with the magician and make sure they are a good “people person”. Lots of magicians are wonderfully charming, but you don’t want to end up with someone who annoys your guests rather than making then happy!
  2. When looking at London Magicians make sure you choose someone who performs the style of magic that you think will suit your event. For example some magicians specialize in Psychological Magic, whilst others perform more visual magic.
  3. Meet the Magician. I always recommend trying to meet up with a performer in person before booking. That way you can see what they can do for yourself, and also you can make sure they are someone who you like and would like to socialize with your guests etc.
  4. Watch videos online. If you cant meet the magician then watch everything you can online to make sure they are of a suitable standard.
  5. Read online reviews. Its great to read what is on the performers website and most of the time they will be real reviews, but just to be certain, its best to look online at Google reviews etc too.

On that note you can read my Google reviews here!