Here you can check out all Neb’s thoughts and experiences on being a Professional Magician and Mind reader performing in London!

Magician London

3rd February 2017 – The Psychology of Protest

30th August 2016 – National Lottery Advert

11th August 2016 – Choosing a London Magician

8th June 2016 – Do What You Love

31st May 2016 – Becoming Social

10th May 2016 – Creating the Impossible

11th April 2016 – Experiment Two

5th April 2016 – Brand new online Video Series!

10th Feb 2016 – Three Sell Out Shows!

8th Nov 2015 – New Musical Mindreader Date

4th July 2015 – Musical Mindreader Show

15th Feb 2015 – Appearance on the Islam Channel

12th Feb 2015 – What is it like to be a Magician Living in London?

1st Jan 2013 – An Amazing Year for a London Magician